Special Shapes

  • arrow • The most dramatic Special-Shape balloon
  • arrow • Manufactured nearly 1,000 to date
  • arrow • Extreme size
  • arrow • Stunning complexity
  • arrow • Utterly graceful
  • arrow • Amazingly colourful aerostats
  • arrow • Extraordinary shapes that make you stand out from the crowd
  • arrow • The most experienced in shape design
  • arrow • The only limit is your imagination!

Experience counts when it comes to designing and producing the most dramatic Special-Shape balloon. Having manufactured over 800 to date, Cameron Balloons have built more Special Shapes in the last 48 years than all the other manufacturers put together.

Hot-air balloon aerial marketing is a creative, memorable and flexible way of building brand and product awareness, while offering substantial advertising value. Buying a special-shape guarantees high impact promotion and advertising, making you stand out from “the noise”.

With nearly ONE THOUSAND unusually shaped hot-air balloons to our name, Cameron Balloons Ltd are regarded as the world’s leader in special-shape balloons. Whether your idea is based on a character, icon, an inanimate object or living subject, you can be assured of an accurate representation with precise artwork techniques all built to the very best engineering standards available.

Our hot-air creations are fully approved.

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Everyone loves the size, complexity and grace of such colourful aerostats. These extraordinary envelopes make you stand out from the crowd. The only limit is your imagination!

To help select fabric colour  
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The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon
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Special Dye Fabrics available upon request

You can be assured of an accurate representation in fabric’

Whether the idea for a Special Shape is based on a living subject, a character, icon, or an inanimate object, you can be assured of both accurate representation with superb artwork techniques and the very best engineering available.

I am very impressed!

It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Cameron Balloons Ltd on this project for Universal Pictures and I hope we can continue to do so with other clients. Thanks to everyone at CBL for ‘making this happen’.

Nick Langley, MD @ Airship & Balloon Company Ltd, UK

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