• arrowStainless steel frames or U tubes
  • arrowWire assemblies built to aerospace standard
  • arrowLightweight
  • arrowThe World's most resilient baskets
  • arrowFlexible choice of options
  • arrowBeautifully hand-crafted
  • arrowWorld-renowned
  • arrowMade from the finest Willow and Cane
  • arrowWe offer the widest range of baskets
  • arrowAdding to the romantic feel of ballooning
  • arrowThe choice of the professional balloonist!
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Our reputation for hardware excellence is world-renowned. In fact, we offer the widest range of baskets, with over 200 elegant designs. Constructed primarily from willow and cane, these materials are still used today because they have proved to be extremely resilient, lightweight and easy to maintain, as well as adding to the romantic feel of ballooning.

Whatever your needs, we will have the perfect size and configuration of bottom end to make your every flight a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The criteria for selecting your new basket could not be simplier! Baskets are matched  to the size of the hot-air balloon envelope. This is determined by the number of passengers you wish to carry, local conditions, including terrain and ambient temperatures. Please see our current Flight Manual in the Support Section for further details or email your request to - we'll be glad to help.

What are they made from? - Baskets are traditional wickerwork construction. The floors are either woven or solid plywood. The structural load is taken by stainless steel wires forming a continuous sling from the burner frame underneath the basket floor. 

Cameron balloon's baskets are strengthen by aluminium 'U' tubes or a stainless steel frame. Longevity and strength is very important to consider when looking for the perfect hot-air balloon basket. We pride ourselves with the fact that many of our baskets are still airworthy today, after so many decades flying professionally or for pleasure. 

The top of the basket is padded and trimmed with the highest quality leather or suede. The bottom edge is traditionally covered with rawhide which protects the basket from damage during landing and transporation. 

Our basket options are endless. These will compliment your equipment and provide easy of use for flying your balloon. They include:
Wheelchair accessable baskets,
Sidewall cushions and protection,
High sided baskets,
Sidewall bracing to increase the basket strength over harsh terrain,
Matching leather or Suede trim of the finest quality available,
Pilot compartment 'Pulpit' rails,
Basket to Trailer towing systems,
Launch Restraint Lugs,
Embroidered Pole Covers,
Pilot and Passenger Restraint Harness,
Passenger positioning Squabs,
Basket landing skids,
Variety of bespoke pockets and bags to meet your needs for onboard storage.

Call us or email today to discuss you requirements or gain advice on the best possible solution available to you. Please note that not every combination of basket and options are compatiable - email:


Please do take a look at our latest ancillaries brochure for further details
<<< Cameron Balloons Ancillaries Brochure >>>


To help select your basket trimming colours 
<<< Suede/Leather Colour Chart >>>

The selector for Cordura Fabric used for cushions & cylinder covers
<<< Cordura Colour Chart >>>

Special Dye Fabrics available upon request


Type of baskets:

SportLite 2 Basket

Available in three sizes to match the Sport range of envelopes. These beautifullt constructed baskets are of a lightweight construction and have a flat top. They can be utilised with many other types of balloon envelopes and burners.


Cameron Balloons Aristocrat Basket

Aristocrat & Classic: this range of baskets carry between one and six occupants depending on the size of envelope flown. The baskets are usually made with the top of the basket 'swept' upwards at each end. Flat top or tucked versions can be supplied. The 'original' and still the best Aristocrat' basket available today - Call for further details.


Cameron Balloons Easy Access Basket

Easy Access: the perfect compliment for those passengers less-able. Available in five options depending on the range of passengers (upto 6) want to join you on the flight. All have a specially designed access door, integral to the design of the basket without compromising the looks or robust nature. If you're looking for the most reliable, easy-access basket on the market then look no further. All baskets are constructed from 100% cane for added strength. 

If you're looking specifically for wheelchair-assessable baskets, these are avialable too.


Collapsible Baskets: fully collapsible, 'pack-away' baskets are the next generation in the long and prestigious line of Voyagers. Available in a variety of colours and providing an easy way to transport and store the basket inside most big cars, vans or 4x4’s.

Fully-rigged, the standard version is 1035mm from base of runner to centre of top frame, with maximum external measurements of 920mm x 630mm. 
The Pico is superlight, weighing around 22kg.


Cameron 140T Partition basketCameron 400TT Partition basket

Partitioned: Larger baskets have internal partitions woven into the walls and floor. The partitions provide greater structural integrity and separation between groups of passengers. The pilot and fuel cylinders occupy a separate compartment from the passengers. There are many options available from the Cameron Balloons range. 


Getting technical

Cameron Balloons are the only major European manufacturer to offer willow weave baskets with a woven floor option on baskets up to 3.6m long. Woven floors are lighter and our weave patterns can be adjusted to add strength or reduce weight, if required.

A good product at short notice

It was a great asset to be able to rely on you to put together a good product at short notice. Thanks again for helping out, you and the team were all great!

Matt Nicholson, British Airways

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