• arrowEconomic
  • arrowLightweight
  • arrowVersatile type is perfect for the fun flyer or the accomplished pilot
  • arrowAn envelope for any sport balloonist
  • arrowCost effective design
  • arrowOutstanding Cameron Balloon’s quality
  • arrowAdaptable balloon is perfect for training or competition flights
  • arrowStylish
  • arrowAn excellent balloon for sponsorship or syndicate use.
£12,770* (*price from)
€14,690* (*price from)

The Concept is an economic & lightweight envelope for any sport balloonist. This versatile type is perfect for either the fun flyer or the accomplished pilot. This cost effective design does not compromise in any way the outstanding Cameron Balloon’s quality.

This adaptable balloon is perfect for training or competition flights, and it is  an excellent balloon for sponsorship or syndicate use. A comprehensive range of ancillary items and options is available.

Why not create your very our stunning colour scheme and send to us for a free quotation? Use our wireframe drawing to colour and design your beautiful new envelope. - we cant wait you see your ideas.

<<< Click here to download  the Concept Design Chart .pdf >>>

To help select fabric colour  
<<< RipStop/Hyperlast Colour Chart >>>

The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon
<<< Nomex Colour Chart >>>

Special Dye Fabrics available upon request

Superb value for money

A Cameron Concept – whether purchased as an individual item or complete package – will cost less than many other balloons of equivalent size, without any compromise in the guaranteed Cameron Balloon’s quality.

Looking for Ready for Delivery Concept?

Perfect for low budgets and fast delivery! Cameron Balloons have a wonderful selection of balloons and equipment ready for delivery, something for your every need, so if you require a balloon and don’t want to wait, we can help.

Durable Quality

After 7 years of worldwide performances, not a single problem during the annual inspections of our equipment built by Cameron Balloons. #quality

Lenny Cant, Mister Bup Balloon Team, Belgium

Technical details