• arrow • Elegantly simple
  • arrow • A Cameron Classic
  • arrow • Offers a great strength
  • arrow • Amazing durability
  • arrow • Perfect for any generation of sports pilot
  • arrow • Natural bulbous shape
  • arrow • Still available to those who would like something a little retro

Elegantly simple, this Cameron Classic offers a great combination of strength and durability for any generation of sports pilot.

The Cameron Concept, Racer or Z-Type now offer an improved design but this natural bulbous shape is still available to those who would like something a little retro.  

To help select fabric colour  
<<< RipStop/Hyperlast Colour Chart >>>

The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon
<<< Nomex Colour Chart >>>

Special Dye Fabrics available upon request


Yet another reason to fly Cameron Balloons

Each and every balloon envelope will go through 192 individual checks prior to the final test inflation. Yet another reason why Cameron Balloons are the world’s favourite hot-air balloon manufacturer.

Quality comes as standard

The reproduction of the image on the envelope is truly stunning, but then with Cameron Balloons we know that quality comes as standard

Damian Crock, Picture This Ballooning, Australia

Technical details