A Type

  • arrow • The ultimate balloon envelope for passenger balloon flying
  • arrow • Classic style
  • arrow • Many admirers and customers around the globe
  • arrow • A long-established ‘work horse’
  • arrow • Available in various sizes
  • arrow • Offers tremendous strength
£31,440* (*Price for A-250 - 12pax env)
€36,160* (*Price for A-250 - 12pax env)

The ultimate balloon envelope for passenger balloon flying, this classic style has many admirers and customers around the globe. As a long-established ‘work horse’ this has been manufactured by Cameron Balloons throughout the years and is available in various sizes to suit the modern owner or operator.

This balloon offers tremendous strength without compromising the artwork space available.

Whether you are new to lighter-than-air aviation or are an experienced aeronaut, it is important to have the most up-to-date information when considering hot-air balloons for flying your fare-paying passengers.

To fly any hot-air balloon, the pilot must have a private pilot’s licence. Training requirements vary from country to country but typically students need a minimum of 16 hours practical flight training, including a number of formal instructor flights, theory examinations and flight tests. Most students  complete all licence stages within 6 - 12 months. Cameron Balloons has an affiliated intensive training balloon school in Italy, set in an area with ideal weather conditions, where training can often take as little as 3 - 6 weeks to complete.

To be able to carry fare-paying passengers, in most countries, the pilot must have a commercial pilot’s licence, which requires some further flying experience and theory examinations. Depending on the country, there may be other paperwork to set up an “organisation” to be able to offer balloon rides, but that is usually not too onerous.

Which balloon size is best for you? 
The most popular passenger-carrying balloons fly 10 - 12 in one basket but we have options from  6 passengers through to the world’s largest passenger-carrying balloon the Cameron Z-750 that  can accommodate 32 flying passengers.

The size that will work best for your operation depends on several factors: the local countryside, weather conditions, population size or tourism numbers. Our staff can draw on experience, suggesting balloon sizes and advice on equipment options that have been proven to work well. To inflate and launch a large passenger-rides balloon, a suitable area is needed. Hot-air balloons work within the safe limit of less than 15 knots wind speed. Balloons are highly controllable up and down but, of course, fly in the direction of the wind, so the balloon ground crew after helping the launch, follow and then help to pack away the balloon. After a celebratory glass of Champagne, the passengers are then returned to the launch point to their friends, families and vehicles.

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Why not create your very our stunning colour scheme and send to us for a free quotation?

Use our wireframe drawing to colour and design your beautiful new A Type envelope.

A-105 (up to 4 plus pilot) to A-120 (up to 5 occupants plus pilot)
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A-140 (up to 6 occupants plus pilot) to A-180 (up to 8 occupants plus pilot)
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A-210 (up to 10 occupants plus pilot) to A-275 (up to 12 occupants plus pilot)
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A-300 (up to 16 occupants plus pilot) to A-530 (up to 28 occupants plus pilot)
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To help select fabric colour  
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The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon
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Special Dye Fabrics available upon request


Helping you to choose the perfect balloon

Cameron Balloons Ltd has more EASA-certified envelope styles than any other manufacturer, ensuring that there is the perfect size and style to meet the customer’s needs and budget

WOW! I'm so happy!!!!

I am so impressed by how wonderful it looks. So true to the ideas and the design, and so BIG. I almost can't believe you pulled it off, but I always knew you would.’

Patricia Piccinini, Artist and Sculptor of SkyWhale

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