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Join the team at Cameron Balloons!

9 September, 2021

Are you Interested In Joining Us At Cameron Balloons Ltd...?

Build your own Cameron Hot-Air Balloon

1 September, 2021

Instructions for Building your own Cameron Balloons Hot-Air Balloon. Well, a mini, fun version anyway!

Cameron Balloons BREXIT Statement

3 October, 2019

It is our intent that our customers will see no difference in price, service or operation of their balloons after BREXIT to their experience now.

2020 Transatlantic record-breaking attempt...

6 September, 2019

Deborah Day and Mike Scholes will take on the exciting and challenging record-breaking attempt adventure to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

PPL(B) Theory Examination course

14 June, 2019

Latest information about the next Cameron Balloons Theory Examination Course for Private Pilot’s Licence Hot-Air Balloon PPL(b)

Poland win the Gordon Bennett in the Cameron...

11 October, 2018

Congratulations to Team Poland who won the world's most arduous long distance Gas Balloon Race - The Gordon Bennett 2018.

Aerial Work Balloon Business - Part 2

2 February, 2018

This is the second part of the article and it gives more detail about the costs of making marketing noise.

More Inflatable Mini Golf Nets

13 December, 2017

Mini Golf Nets are one of the latest products keeping Cameron’s Fabric Engineering section busy.