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New 'soft' barriers for oil platforms

13 December, 2017

Cameron Balloons’ aero and mechanical engineers are working closely with the BP design team, to develop a ‘soft barrier’ system

Cameron working with Greenpeace

13 December, 2017

This existing framework geodesic dome is brought to life as an enormous stage space and billboard with Cameron Balloon built tailor-made covers.

Park and Slide Bristol - City Water Slides

13 December, 2017

Bristol Council about four times a year closes some of the city’s busiest streets and with the help of local shopkeepers, artists, musicians and the public, they take over.

The world’s largest passenger hot-air balloon

13 December, 2017

Cameron Balloons have designed, manufactured, tested and delivered the world's largest passenger hot-air balloon.

Burners for Extreme Altitudes

13 December, 2017

Great News from Thomas Jøhnk & Philip Mundt who successfully completing their first altitude goal of flying up to 20,000 feet in a Cameron Balloons built balloon.

Aerial Advertising Special Shape Hot-Air Balloon

17 November, 2017

This Dodo superhero special shape hot-air balloon built by Cameron Balloons in the UK, is the logo of Australia’s internet, mobile, landline, power, gas and insurance provider.

Cameron Balloons in Australia offering full...

9 November, 2017

Cameron Balloons have now developed and established a great support network of Service Centres, together with a huge stock of useful balloon spares based in the Hunter Valley.

Cameron Balloons' new Danish representative

8 November, 2017

Cameron Balloons is delighted to announce the appointment of our NEW Cameron Balloons’ Representative for Denmark, Mr Christoffer Mundt.