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Cameron Balloons Kids Club

11 October, 2022

Welcome to the Cameron Balloons Kids Club - where our FREE resources aim to inspire, encourage and motivate children & young people to learn and have fun.

Burners for Extreme Altitudes

10 October, 2022

Great News from Thomas Jøhnk & Philip Mundt who successfully completing their first altitude goal of flying up to 20,000 feet in a Cameron Balloons built balloon.

Which fabric is best for Hot-Air Balloons

9 October, 2022

What will be the best fabric for a particular job or application. In ballooning terms, there are a number of best fabrics, depending on your type of hot-air balloon use.

World’s 1st Fully-Certified Solar Balloon

8 October, 2022

The world’s first successful fully-certified solar hybrid balloon was unveiled at the Tribute Bristol International Balloon Fiesta and took its maiden flight on the 6th of August 2015

Learning To Fly Hot-Air Balloons

7 October, 2022

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of lighter-than-air training, we have lots of Factory Team Pilots, Instructors and Examiners who are happy to help

Hot-air Balloon Syndicate News

6 October, 2022

By joining a syndicate and by sharing the balloon and its associated costs, it reduces the initial outlay which is useful particularly when starting out in this lighter-than-air sport.

Spotlight on the Shadow Burner

5 October, 2022

Cameron Balloons have now made more than 2800 Shadow Burners and have supplied balloonists all around the globe with this iconic, incredibly robust and reliable hot-air balloon burner.


4 October, 2022

Cameron Balloons will be supporting all our customers by operating an out-of-hours Repair Service.