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More Inflatable Mini Golf Nets

13 December, 2017

Mini Golf Nets are one of the latest products keeping Cameron’s Fabric Engineering section busy.

New 'soft' barriers for oil platforms

13 December, 2017

Cameron Balloons’ aero and mechanical engineers are working closely with the BP design team, to develop a ‘soft barrier’ system

Cameron working with Greenpeace

13 December, 2017

This existing framework geodesic dome is brought to life as an enormous stage space and billboard with Cameron Balloon built tailor-made covers.

Cameron Balloons in Australia offering full...

9 November, 2017

Cameron Balloons have now developed and established a great support network of Service Centres, together with a huge stock of useful balloon spares based in the Hunter Valley.

Cameron Balloons' new Danish representative

8 November, 2017

Cameron Balloons is delighted to announce the appointment of our NEW Cameron Balloons’ Representative for Denmark, Mr Christoffer Mundt.

Cameron Balloons' new Czech Republic...

7 March, 2017

Cameron Balloons is delighted to announce our new Czech Republic / Eastern European Cameron Balloons’ Representative Michael Suchý a name very well known in ballooning circles.

Hot-Air Balloon High-Altitude Record Attempt

21 October, 2016

Fedor Konyukhov is to attempt another, balloon world-record, a hot-air adventure, high up in the Stratosphere and he has chosen Cameron Balloons as his balloon manufacturer once again.

30 metres long E.coli sculpture

16 October, 2016

It is not every day that Cameron Balloons make a ‘germ’ that is 30 metres long and five-million times bigger-than-the-real thing!