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Congratulations to Hug Cloud

9 September, 2015

Cameron Balloons is proud to support the entrepreneurs at Hug Cloud Flying Media with their exciting new hot-air balloon operation.

World’s 1st Fully-Certified Solar Balloon

27 August, 2015

The world’s first successful fully-certified solar hybrid balloon was unveiled at the Tribute Bristol International Balloon Fiesta and took its maiden flight on the 6th of August 2015

World Record - Round-The-World Flight

27 August, 2015

Fedor Konyukhov's non-stop global balloon flight in a Cameron Balloons built Roziere 550 Balloon.

Learning To Fly Hot-Air Balloons

12 March, 2015

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of lighter-than-air training, we have lots of Factory Team Pilots, Instructors and Examiners who are happy to help

Hot-air Balloon Syndicate News

20 January, 2015

By joining a syndicate and by sharing the balloon and its associated costs, it reduces the initial outlay which is useful particularly when starting out in this lighter-than-air sport.

The New Cameron O-31

25 November, 2014

Total weight of the 12 gore envelope in a lightweight bag is 30.5kg – designed to meet with most airlines 30-32kg allowance (max) for maximum single item of hold / checked luggage.

Spotlight on the Shadow Burner

30 September, 2014

Cameron Balloons have now made more than 2800 Shadow Burners and have supplied balloonists all around the globe with this iconic, incredibly robust and reliable hot-air balloon burner.

Cameron Balloons' new Russian representative

27 August, 2014

Welcome to our NEW Cameron Balloons Dealer in Russia, Ivan Menyaylo.