Cameron Balloons will be supporting all our customers by operating an out-of-hours Repair Service.

by Hannah Cameron

23 May, 2014



We know that successful balloon operators and companies need to keep their balloons flying over a weekend and if you have a repair or a bit of maintenance that needs attending to – waiting until Monday morning could be, at best… inconvenient!

To help with this, Cameron Balloons will be supporting all our customers by operating an out-of-hours Repair Service.

It is the job of the repairs officer to answer calls and to ascertain if the repair is feasible with the resources we have available on standby.

We hope to be able to help any balloonist that needs repair assistance but we all know that some jobs may be too big or too complex to complete in the few hours that this service is expected to take.

There may also be occasional times when we cannot offer any service but we hope with this dedicated staff rota system that these will be few and far between.

Lastly, as it will involve staff working weekends and antisocial hours it will be at a time and a half, hourly repair and materials rate.

It is of course worth checking whether you do need an immediate repair and for a full list of permitted repairs and permissible damage of Cameron Balloons built hot-air balloons please see ‘Cameron Balloons Hot-Air Balloon Maintenance Manual’.

If you need an emergency hot-air balloon repair, please call the CAMERON BALLOONS REPAIR LINE NUMBER on 07443 514 913

Here are some great tips for speeding up and saving money when bringing in your hot-air balloon equipment for repair at Cameron Balloons.

1) Please bring your log books as these are required for any repair

2) Please pack the balloon envelope so that the repair is at the top (this may mean packing your balloon upside down into the bag for example)

3) Please take a precise note of the location of the repair in the envelope (between which load-tapes and how many panels above the Nomex really helps reduce inspection time at the factory.)

4) Please specify the type of repair you would like if appropriate; for example, would you like patches or whole panels replaced?

5) Ideally the balloon should be dry (drying it out properly and slowly can take days) and of course free of debris which could clog machines.

6) If you need a full inspection as damage is very scattered - this can be rather time-consuming and may be more economic if it is done on a standard working week day.

7) Please also let us know if you would like us to cold inflate the envelope and pack it away properly after the repair, we are delighted to do this but it does add labour time to the job – so most folk prefer to straighten things out at the next inflation themselves.

Other than that we are ready to welcome you to Cameron Balloons and we’ll happily get the kettle on and make you a cup of tea or coffee while we assess the repairs needed and give you an estimate on time and materials and then get on with the job while you relax. Of course, if you would rather pop out to the central shopping area, take a stroll around the harbour, visit the excellent museums close by or even take a swim at the local pool that would be fine too!

‘This Repair Service is really is designed to be an emergency service to get any owner or operator back in the air to be able to fulfil a particular commitment and although it is not intended for those who do not have a particular deadline, if it helps any balloon owner, they would be welcome to contact us and drop their balloon in at a mutually agreeable time. Then that repair can be done during the working week which will be at our standard hourly repair & materials rates...’ states Nick Purvis, Sales Director Cameron Balloons Ltd.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please do contact us by email

Thank you and Safe flying!

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