The Hot Air Balloon Colouring Book

30 November, 2022

This stunning colouring book from the factory team at Cameron Balloons takes artists of all ages on a quest through the fabulous skies of Bristol.

Join the team at Cameron Balloons!

16 October, 2022

Are you Interested In Joining Us At Cameron Balloons Ltd...?

Learning To Fly Hot-Air Balloons

7 October, 2022

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of lighter-than-air training, we have lots of Factory Team Pilots, Instructors and Examiners who are happy to help

Hot-air Balloon Syndicate News

6 October, 2022

By joining a syndicate and by sharing the balloon and its associated costs, it reduces the initial outlay which is useful particularly when starting out in this lighter-than-air sport.

Build Your Own Model Hot-Air Balloon

1 October, 2022

Instructions for Building your own Cameron Balloons Hot-Air Balloon. Well, a mini, fun version anyway!

The New Cameron O-31

30 September, 2022

Total weight of the 12 gore envelope in a lightweight bag is 30.5kg – designed to meet with most airlines 30-32kg allowance (max) for maximum single item of hold / checked luggage.

Cameron Balloons BREXIT Statement

3 October, 2019

It is our intent that our customers will see no difference in price, service or operation of their balloons after BREXIT to their experience now.

Cameron working with Greenpeace

13 December, 2017

This existing framework geodesic dome is brought to life as an enormous stage space and billboard with Cameron Balloon built tailor-made covers.