Hot-air Balloon Syndicate News

By joining a syndicate and by sharing the balloon and its associated costs, it reduces the initial outlay which is useful particularly when starting out in this lighter-than-air sport.

by Hannah Cameron

6 October, 2022

Hot-air Balloon Syndicate News

Calling all, Pilots and Pilots-Under-Training, that want to be part of a Hot-air Balloon syndicate.

Cameron Balloons is keen to put like-minded balloonists together. So, if you are interested in becoming part of a hot-air ballooning syndicate, let us know!

By joining a syndicate and by sharing the balloon and its associated costs, it reduces the initial outlay which is useful particularly when starting out in this lighter-than-air sport.

Cameron Balloons Start Up Packages - Ideal for start-up balloon teams
• Economic and Lightweight
• Versatile type is perfect for the fun flyer or the accomplished pilot
• An envelope for any sport balloonist
• Cost effective design and Outstanding Cameron Balloon’s quality
• Adaptable balloon is perfect for training or competition flights
• Stylish and An all-round, excellent balloon for sponsorship or syndicate use.

Please email for more information or telephone +44(0) 117 963 7216

To register interest, to join a syndicate or indeed to advise us of any syndicate member opportunities – please send an email to; with your contact details and the area(s) you are in, or interested in and then we will help you get you in contact with local balloonists.

As more syndicate or club information becomes available over the season, we will post it on Facebook.

It should be noted that Cameron Balloons is not responsible for any element or the running of any syndicate balloon team but that normal practice is often to buy an equal percentage of the equipment, share the running costs and annual costs, for example but not exclusively, insurance and annual inspections.

What is a syndicate?
Simply put it is a self-organising group of individuals that pursue a shared interest.

Six helpful hints for a good, long-lasting hot-air balloon syndicate

1) Make a record of the syndicate ‘rules’ at the beginning and ensure the whole group knows and agrees to them.
For example; is it the responsibility of the pilot-in-charge of the last flight to refuel before the next flight? How do you report to each team member any important information? For example a lost cylinder strap*? Is there a breakfast fund? Who pays for what? Where is the balloon going to be stored? What happens if anyone needs to leave the syndicate? etc.
2) Pick people that have the same level of fastidiousness as you! For example, is their car in the same ‘mess’ as yours? This might indicate that you could get along…
3) Pick someone that has the same sort of work commitments or maybe if it suits, someone with totally different working hours – so you can either fly together or fly separately depending on what works for the whole team.
4) Perhaps pick a team-member with a similar friends or family set-up - hopefully then, you are likely to want to go to the same sort of places after the flight and have the same amount of time to commit to the syndicate.
5) Consider a separate bank account system, putting two people in charge of any money or getting your accounts done by an independent person.
6) Most of all, make sure you all enjoy yourselves !

*Some teams create a group and use the mobile app ‘whatsapp’ to update any news within the syndicate.

If you have any questions or would like us to add your information please contact or telephone Nick, Julia, Simon or Hannah on +44(0)117 963 7216.

Happy flying everyone!

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