Park and Slide Bristol

May 2014

Park and Slide Bristol

Luke Jerram

Art and Theatre

In Bristol, Park Street rises steeply from the green area bordered by the Cathedral and City Hall at the bottom to the University tower at the top. Artist Luke Jerram had the wonderful idea to have a one-day closure of the street and turn it into a giant water slide. Cameron Fabric Engineering was given the job of construction.

The sliding surface was made from a heavy-duty PVC coated nylon fabric and had foam-filled edges to keep the sliders on the straight and narrow. Water and liquid soap were applied at the top for lubrication and 360 lucky people (out of 96,573 who applied) were able to experience the slide on the day. About 65,000 people attended the event.

Watch a video made by Cinematica Media

Watch a video made by Woven Films

The slide operated for one day only, but it will live for much longer in the memory of Bristolians. Perhaps in other places…

Park and Slide Bristol
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