Sleepers Awake

January 2021

Sleepers Awake


Art and Theatre

Coincident with dusk falling over Sittingbourne in Kent, a new star appeared over the estuary to nearby Milton Creek. At dawn the star slowly sank from view only to reappear, higher than before, with the passing of each successive night.

Sleepers Awake

Night became day thanks to an 11 m. dia. Helium-filled sphere that was internally illuminated by a 45kw. lamp and was visible for 21 miles. It was tethered 100 feet above a boat that slowly moved along Milton Creek with the tide.

The artificial star was commissioned by Artlands, a contemporary art programme that explores the identity of the North Kent, UK area and was named “Sleepers Awake”. It attracted large crowds on many nights.

Sleepers Awake
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