Cameron 16/20 TT Solid Floor Basket
Cameron 16/20 TT Solid Floor BasketCameron 16/20 TT Solid Floor Basket
Cameron 16/20 TT Solid Floor Basket

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Cameron 16/20 TT Solid Floor Basket

Cameron CB3671 Basket

£30,690 €36,176

Our reputation for hardware excellence is world-renowned. In fact, we offer the widest range of baskets, with over 200 elegant designs. These passenger rides baskets are woven from 100% cane and thier core is a stainless steel frame welded to aircraft standard. These materials are used today because they are extremely resilient, lightweight and easy to maintain.

What you get

Size: 149 x 446cm - sizes are approximately wall centre to wall centre. 

This Cameron Balloons 'TT' partition basket has a solid floor with Kiln dried Ash runners bolted to the floor. The structural load is taken by twin, 6mm stainless steel wires running through a 32mm dia. stainless steel top frame and to the walls forming a continuous sling from the burner frame through the basket floor.

Longevity and strength are very important to consider when looking for the perfect hot-air balloon basket.

We pride ourselves with the fact that many of our baskets are still airworthy today, after so many decades flying professionally or for pleasure.

The top of the basket is padded and trimmed with the highest quality black leather. The bottom edge is covered with a black leather base.


CB 3671 basket 

Cushion floor

sidewall cushion (Set of 8)

Cross Bracing pilot compartment  

Passenger positioning blocks

Leather base 

Restraint lugs, basket strong points, both sides 

Towing plates, both ends 

Pilot restraint anchor & harness 

Safety Kit 

Technical details

  • Year


  • Passenger No.

    Pilot +16/20

  • Deflation option


  • Turning vent option


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