Cameron 77 Bottom End
Cameron 77 Bottom EndCameron 77 Bottom End
Cameron 77 Bottom End

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Cameron 77 Bottom End

£9,000 €10,350

Our reputation for hardware excellence is world-renowned. In fact, we offer the widest range of baskets, with over 200 elegant designs. Constructed primarily from willow and cane, these materials are still used today because they have proved to be extremely resilient, lightweight and easy to maintain, as well as adding to the romantic feel of ballooning.

What you get

We have available this beautiful combination of a Cameron CB3115-3A Bureaucrat basket and our most recent burner, a Cameron Double Neo.

Beautifully constructed and woven, the U tube frames give great foundation to both cane and willow weave.

Complimented with a very robost black leather base supplement which also adds to its elegance. External leather rope handles, black leather trim and black leather pole covers make this a great choice for the sports balloonist who does not like to compromise. 

Spreader boards, cushion floor, sidewall cushions and twin stepholes to the rear of the basket are included, along with a set of brand new 2.5t karabiners.  

The Neo Burner has been developed to combine the best features of the Stratus and Shadow. With familiar control operation and layout, this next generation burner is an easy-to-use blend of your favourite burners.

This quiet and reliable burner combines rapid heating with high output across a wide range of fuel pressures. The superior design guarantees simple, reliable and fast servicing and maintenance even in the harshest of environments.

Rego end couplings and toggle whisper valves come as standard. Rotory valves and Flexi-Frame corners are an optional extra.

Technical details

  • Year


  • Passenger No.

    Pilot +2 / 3

  • Deflation option


  • Turning vent option


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