Cameron CB300-3A
Cameron CB300-3ACameron CB300-3A
Cameron CB300-3A

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Cameron CB300-3A

Cameron Aristocrat Basket

£3,950 €4,542

Our reputation for hardware excellence is world-renowned. In fact, we offer the widest range of baskets, with over 200 elegant designs. Constructed primarily from willow and cane, these materials are still used today because they have proved to be extremely resilient, lightweight and easy to maintain, as well as adding to the romantic feel of ballooning.

What you get

Size: 97cm x 137cm - sizes are approximately wall centre to wall centre. 

This beautifully Hand-Crafted basket has a willow & cane construction with twin suspension wires.
It's made with a 'U' Tube Frame, black leather trim and black leather pole covers. Relevant poles and pole bag included.
There are two black side wall cushions and a black cushion floor for passenger comfort.
Additional items include Spreader Boarder for Cylinders, 50m Dropline in Black Case with karabiner, Anchor for Pilot Restraint and a black RDS pocket installed.

Technical details

  • Year


  • Passenger No.

    Pilot +2 / 3

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