Shadow Burner

Shadow Burner

Shadow Burner

From£6,140€7,250Double Shadow burner


The powerful and dependable Cameron Balloons Shadow Burner was first introduced in May 1994.

Cameron Balloons have now made more than 2800 Shadow Burners and have supplied balloonists all around the globe with this iconic, incredibly robust and reliable hot-air balloon burner.

The Shadow is ideal for use in all Cameron Balloons from sea-level up to all levels of normal operation, with no special modifications.

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Of course, if you would like to undertake extreme altitude flights or attempt records please contact us - as either with burner modifications or an additional specialised burner unit we can offer all the specific equipment, help and advice you could need.

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At a glance

PILOT LIGHT (gold handle) - Available in a liquid or vapour self-regulating pilot light option. Later and current models have a two-level filter-system to protect the minuscule jet hole from any fuel debris which enhances long term functionality.

CROSSFLOW - In units with more than 2 burners a ‘crossflow’ central valve (yellow flat handle labelled crossflow) enables fuel from one source to be used for both burners – which provides an extra fuel management option which can be used as required.

PIEZO IGNITER - An inbuilt, push-button piezo igniter, which is covered when the pilot light valve is in the off position to prevent accidental sparking.

MAINTENANCE - Simple and fast, most usually required at 100hours service or annual service.

LEAK PROTECTION TUBE - so should your double protection ‘O’-rings wear or fail, the leak will not end up in your hand but rather in a controlled small flame at the top of the leak tube indicating the need for some maintenance.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - available with pneumatic adjustable height frame with the great advantage that it is safely adjustable with ease, during flight on single or double burners.

Butane Supplement – Only available on Shadow burners, liquid pilot lights can be optimised to operate with LPG mixtures containing a high proportion of Butane. Minimum fuel pressures must be respected.


Choose from the following combinations to suit your balloon:

  Approx. Weight
(inc. Karabiners)
Min. Envelope Size Max. Envelope Size Price from
Single Shadow No longer available - - -
Double Shadow 24kg* 56,000ft3 (1,585m3) 210,000ft3 (5,950m3) Contact the Factory

Triple Shadow 44kg* 140,000ft3 (3,970m3) 315,000ft3 (8,920m3) Contact the Factory
Quad Shadow 52kg* 180,000ft3 (5,100m3) 750,000ft3 (21,238m3) Contact the Factory

* The component weights given are approximate and for guidance pruposes only.
** Price for 4 pole frame. 8 pole frame has additional cost. 
Add 3kg for adjustable height frame.
Add 7kg if metal heat shields are fitted.


All options include

  • RegO or Tema valve connectors
  • Flexible corner sockets on frames
  • Removable triple and quad burner supplement
  • Adjustable height frames - doubles only
  • Adjustable height frame (double only). Allows the burner to be raised and lowered relative to the basket floor. Adjustment can be safely carried out in flight.
  • Bespoke hose length
  • Launch restraint frame lugs
  • Burner bag - doubles only
  • Elephant ears for large burner frames

What people are saying…

Customer promise

Built on experience and engineering expertise, the Cameron Balloons range of burners are the most comprehensive of all. Quiet power, reliability and ease of maintenance are combined to give rapid heating, quick response and relaxed cruising.

Approved to the highest standards, all burners are suitable for even the harshest environments. Choose from Cameron Shadow or StratusNEO, with more than 5,000 burner units in service, Cameron burners are the choice for professional operators or sports pilots.

Whichever your choice, the superior design guarantees simple, reliable and fast servicing and maintenance even in the harshest of environments.

These burners are incorporated into the stainless-steel tubular frames, manufactured to the highest aerospace standard and are all EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved.

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