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Aristocrat Basket - Woven Floor

Aristocrat Basket - Woven Floor

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Available in three sizes to match a huge range of burner frames and envelopes. These beautifully constructed baskets are of a classic construction with various top options, including Bureaucrat, Flat Top or Tucked. Made using traditional weaving method from the highest quality willow and cane. Willow is light in weight, while cane offers exceptional strength. 100% cane construction is an optional extra.

At a glance

Baskets are traditional wickerwork construction, using a mixture of Willow and Cane. Floors within the Aristocrat range are woven with Kiln dried Ash or Synthetic runners bolted to the floor. The structural load is taken by twin, 6mm stainless steel wires running parallel to the 32mm Aluminium 'U' Tubes forming a continuous sling from the burner frame through the basket floor.

Longevity and strength are very important to consider when looking for the perfect hot-air balloon basket.They lead a hard life and traditional materials have shown themselves to be extremely resiliant. The woven floors help absorb shock and reduce weight.

We pride ourselves with the fact that many of our baskets are still airworthy today, after so many decades flying professionally or for pleasure.

The top of the basket is padded and trimmed with the highest quality leather or suede. The bottom edge is traditionally covered with rawhide which protects the basket from damage during landing and transportation. For those in very harsh environments, we offer a leather base at a supplementry price.

Recent additions to the options available have included Hi-Spec sides, leather handles, extra step holes and embroidered trim. 

Cameron Balloons Ltd also offer a number of special purpose baskets. For further information please contact our Sales Department or your nearest Cameron Dealer.

All models

Choose from the following models to suit your balloon:

  Aristocrat 56/65 Aristocrat 77/84 Aristocrat 90/105
Occupants 2 - 3 Inc. Pilot 3 - 4 inc. Pilot 4 - 5 inc. Pilot
Dimensions (cm) 97 x 114* 97 x 137* 107 x 147*
Height (cm) (Approx.)
Support Poles
Approx. KG 65 - 70kg 72 - 78kg 80 - 88kg
Cushion Floor Optional Optional Optional
Sidewall Cushions Optional Optional Optional
Format Open Open Open
Extra Step holes Optional Optional Optional
Leather Handles Optional Optional Optional
Basket Top Options Aristocrat, Bureaucrat, Flat-top and Tucked
Aristocrat, Bureaucrat, Flat-top and Tucked Aristocrat, Bureaucrat, Flat-top and Tucked
100% Cane Weave Optional Optional Optional
Leatherbase Optional Optional Optional

Aristocrat basket sizes are approximately wall centre to wall centre. Please note that an additional allowance must be made for external wall thickness and handles when determining the size of any trailer or vehicle that will carry the basket.

Basket options

Basket colours

Please see our leather colour charts for:

  • To help select your hopper base unit trimming colours: Suede and Leather Colour Wheel
  • The selector for cordura fabric used for cushions and cylinder covers: Cordura Colour Wheel
  • Other leathers are available upon request. This can be the perfect solution to colour-match a desired pantone or corporate shade. Special leathers are ordered to your specification and therefore can sometimes incur an additional supplier production lead time or surcharge.

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Customer promise

Our reputation for hardware excellence is world-renowned. In fact, we offer the widest range of baskets, with over 200 elegant designs. Constructed primarily from willow and cane, these materials are still used today because they have proved to be extremely resilient, lightweight and easy to maintain, as well as adding to the romantic feel of ballooning.

Whatever your needs, we will have the perfect size and configuration of bottom end to make your every flight a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The criteria for selecting your new basket could not be simpler! Baskets are matched to the size of the hot-air balloon envelope. This is determined by the number of passengers you wish to carry, local conditions, including terrain and ambient temperatures. Please see our current Flight Manual in the Support Section for further details or email your request to - we will be glad to help.

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