SPORT Series

SPORT Series

SPORT Series

From£14,830€17,500Sport-50 envelope


The NEW 16 Gore envelope leading the way

Introducing our very latest design of modern hot air balloon with sixteen vertically cut gores and sixteen flying wires. Available as Sport-50, Sport-60, Sport-70, Sport-80, Sport-90 and Sport-105, the Sport series of envelope is designed to compliment the Cameron Balloons range.

These exquisite envelopes are the perfect choice combining superlight, exceptional value and efficiency. This adaptable balloon is perfect for training, syndicate use or for leisure flying.

Designed with CAD and built to aerospace standards by our highly skilled craftsmen, a multitude of colours are available.

The Sport can be made from our durable RipStop (69gsm) or our high tenacity superlight RipStop (38gsm - that's nearly half the weight of standard computer paper!).

At a glance

Introducing a new 16 Gore envelope leading the way for performance and value.

Vertically designed panels make the surface of this balloon semi-bulbous. Attached to basket via 16 stainless steel flying wires.

Designed to compliment our range with 6 envelope sizes to choice from.

Our balloon envelopes use a combination of fabrics; a Nomex, heat resistant base panel, Superlight Nylon or Regular Ripstop Nylon and/or Hyperlast options, in a choice of 26 colours including shiny silver and shiny gold.

All SPORT Series models

All envelopes are delivered with envelope karabiners, envelope bag and relevant paperwork.

Sport 50Sport 60Sport 70Sport 80Sport 90Sport 105
Size cu.ft50,00060,00070,00080,00090,000105,000
Size cu.M1,4161,7001,9822,2662,5492,974
No. of gores161616161616
Passenger no.Pilot + 1Pilot + 1Pilot + 2Pilot + 2Pilot + 2 or 3Pilot + 3 or 4
Nomex optionScoopScoopScoopScoopScoopScoop / Extra row of Nomex for 'A' Panel
Dimensions18m / 15m19m / 15m20m / 16.2m20.8m / 17m21.6m / 17.7m22.6m / 18.7m
Typical enevlope weightSuperlight - 52kgSuperlight - 58kgSuperlight - 63kgSuperlight - 69kgSuperlight - 75kg, Regular Ripstop - 105kgSuperlight - tbc, Regular Ripstop - tbc
Deflation systems optionsParachute / RDS / ParaPlusParachute / RDS / ParaPlusParachute / RDS / ParaPlusParachute / RDS / ParaPlusParachute / RDS / ParaPlusParachute / RDS / ParaPlus
Turning ventsOptional extra*Optional extra*Optional extra*Optional extra*Optional extra*Optional extra*

Envelope options

Fabric colours

  • Please see our fabric colour charts for:
    Superlight colour wheel - 38gsm fabric for use in Superlight envelopes
    Ripstop Nylon & Hyperlast colour wheel
    Nomex colour wheel - Heat resistant fabric for the mouth and scoop
  • Special colour dye fabrics are also available upon request. This can be the perfect solution for colour matching your desired Pantone or corporate shade. 
    Clients are invited to approve colour sample(s) prior to committing to buy the fabric batch and agreeing the additional fabric production time required.

Envelope Options

  • Superlight fabric option is available for all balloons and can be used in conjuction with regular ripstop and Hyperlast.
  • Internal Load-tape construction available upto 140,000cu. ft. 
  • Envelope ‘windows’ in Cameron see-safe fabric can be positioned to provide sight of the sky or balloons above.
  • Additional row of heat resistant Nomex within the 'A' panels. Available from 105,000cu. ft upwards.
  • Additional registration marks and country flags can be applied.

Why not consider Superlight?

Due to the large percentage of a hot-air balloon envelope being fabric, a fundimental key is the saving that can be made by using a lighter ripstop. This could be up to 30% depending on the type and size of balloon required. This gives the greatest saving by far.

Other specifications like flat-webbing tapes, 3mm diameter flying wires and lightweight crownline will all compliment your choice.

To continue with the weigh-saving, why not include Kevron load tapes? They are immensely strong and very light-weight, offering a further 4% reduction in weight from our standard evelopes. We encapsulate these 'tapes' within the seams, to protect them from damaging UV rays. Any Kevron load tape that can not be within the seam is feed securely through a tubular, outer tape to ensure it's longevity.

We are very pleased to announce that our Superlight fabric is the same price as our regular Ripstop (69gsm). A range of 49gsm ripstop fabric is also available, subject to a small supplement charge. Please call or email for further details -

Why not chat with our sales team about which fabric is right for your balloon or project, we would be delighted to provide ideas, suggestions, case-study experience, customer testimonials and fabric samples.

Optional equipment

  • Choice of deflation systems - RDS (Rapid Deflation System), ParaPlus or Standard Parachute.
  • Single, twin turning vents available.
  • Lightweight polyester loadtapes available.
  • Kevron loadtapes available. A Kevron loadtape consists of woven Aramid fibre webbing encased in fabric sheath which replaces the conventional polyester or nylon tape for weight advantage.
  • Kevlar flying cables are a lightweight option to be considered in place of stainless steel flying wires.
  • Shaped banners with or without artwork are available, tailor-made to hug your balloon envelope’s surface.


Introducing ParaPlus deflation.

  • This is a two-line control system for more controlled venting in Racers and Sport envelopes.
  • It can also be held in place during fast ascents and turbulence, comforting when flying in the Alps.
  • The system offers a much lighter venting action.
  • Finally, the second line can be used to adjust the parachute position. The rigging and pressure in the envelope re-seal the parachute to a satisfactory level, however, due to the very light action, the additional line offers our pilots a fail-safe tidy.


What people are saying…

Customer promise

Each balloon envelope is built from individual “blocks” of fabric called panels, which are grouped into vertical “stripes” known as gores.

This exquisite and elegant Sport shape has a semi-bulbous surface creating the perfect balance between performance and value for money.

Our guarantee period for superlight fabric is four years (48 months) or 250 hours of flight time, whichever occurs first. Regular ripstop nylon is five years (60 months) or 300 hours of flight time, whichever occurs first. For Hyperlast fabric incorporated into the balloon envelope is six years (72 months) or 600 hours of flight time, whichever occurs first.

All balloons require regular maintenance and servicing which keeps balloon-systems working well and enables years of happy flying – maintenance usually takes place after 100 flying hours or 12months whichever is sooner. Airworthiness Inspection & Maintenance Manual (UK).

Cameron Balloons fabrics have anti-mould, anti-mildew and anti-UV degradation agents added to them to prolong the life and colour of our balloons. Fluorocarbon is also added to the outside face of the fabric to defend the fabric from moisture, dirt and debris.

Excellence really is our lowest standard; exemplary quality, proven reliability and attentive service are some of Cameron Balloons key and constantly striven for company goals.

Our range of complete balloons, airships and lighter-than-air craft are all fully certified and approved.

Cameron Balloons also offers assurance – An ESCROW account is available – guaranteeing that your deposit payment is safe with us.

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