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Fuel cylinders

Fuel cylinders



Cameron Balloons Ltd supply a range of high strength ‘Duplex’ stainless steel cylinders and a lightweight aluminium cylinder. All cylinders are designed and manufactured to comply with aviation (EASA) and dangerous goods (ADR) legislation.

When it comes to safety, all our exclusive fuel cylinders benefit from a full collar design, giving great protection to the vital fuel fittings.

All cylinders are fitted with:

  • Contents gauge which indicates from approx. 33% of capacity until the cylinder in empty
  • Fixed liquid level gauge (bleed valve) which indicates when the cylinder is full.
  • Pressure relief valve (PRV) which protects the cylinder against excessive internal pressure.
  • Padded top ring for easier handling, along with a padded Cordura cover for passenger and cylinder protection.

The attractive cover also has an integral map pocket. Covers are available in a wide choice of colours.

All Duplex Stainless-Steel cylinders manufactured in accordance with EN14140 may use an alternative thin-foam cylinder cover.

AluGas 40L Propane Cylinder

The Alugas 40L propane cylinder is a lightweight aluminium cylinder designed specifically for hot-air ballooning. The cylinder has a usable volume of 40L and weighs approximately 13kg empty. The cylinder is fitted with a straight dip tube. Quick Shut Off valves are an option.

  AluGas 40L
Material Aluminium
Type CB2990
Total Volume (litres) 50
Usable Volume (litres) 40
Configuration Standard
Empty Weight* 14kg (26 lbs)
Full Weight* 34kg (71 lbs)
Overall Height 953m
Cyl Dia. Excl cover 300m
Cyl Dia. Inc cover 350m

*Including Cover and Cylinder Straps

Duplex Stainless Steel

The Duplex propane cylinder is a stainless steel cylinder designed specifically for hot-air ballooning.

  CB2901 ‘60’ CB2903 ‘72’
Material Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel
Total Volume (litres) 75 90
Usable Volume (litres) 60 72
Empty Weight Master = 23kg

Standard = 22kg 
Master = 27kg

Standard = 26kg 
Full Weight Master = 53kg

Standard = 52kg 
Master = 63kg

Standard = 62kg 
Overall Height 959mm 1104mm
Cyl Dia. Excl cover 360mm 360mm
Cyl Dia. Inc cover 410mm 410mm

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