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Spotlight on Hot Air Balloon Burners

With a history steeped in innovation, burners have evolved from humble beginnings to become the reliable and efficient powerhouses that enthusiasts and professionals depend on today.

by Cameron Balloons

Spotlight on Hot Air Balloon Burners

Introduction to Hot Air Balloon Burners

Conceived in the 18th century, the basic concept of hot air balloon burners involved an open flame fuelled by materials such as straw, wood, or even coal. Then they were assembled from gas fittings. As hot air ballooning became more and more popular advancements in technology and safety standards led to the development of modern burners, introducing propane as the primary fuel source, manifold assemblies and intricate systems for precise control.

Crafting Excellence - How Balloon Burners Are Made

Crafting a balloon burner is a meticulous process that marries precision engineering with safety standards. Our StratusNeo burner is constructed from stainless steel and aluminium and are designed to withstand the rigours of frequent use.

In heart of the burner, propane mixes with air and ignites to produce a controlled flame that heats the air inside the balloon. Intricate valves and a regulator manage the fuel flow, allowing for precise adjustments to control ascent and descent. The manufacturing process involves a small amount of welding, machining, and assembly, culminating in a burner that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the balloon kit.

Maintainability - Streamlined Accessibility for Optimal Performance

Our StratusNeo burners are engineered with maintainability in mind. Without the need for special tools, key components can be easily extracted, facilitating swift inspections and routine maintenance. This user-friendly approach ensures that balloonists can focus on the journey ahead, confident in the reliability of their equipment.

Heritage - A Legacy of Resilience and Precision

Our burners inherit a legacy of precision and resilience, drawing inspiration from the valves used in Breitling Orbiter 3 fuel control unit, famous for being the first around-the-world flight. Subjected to cryogenic temperatures and an extreme, harsh environment, the valves' performance underscores the durability and reliability that our burners are famous for. Our burners have flown around the world, and have helped set altitude records; this heritage serves as a testament to the robust design and engineering excellence we try to serve to our customers.

In a departure from conventional designs, our hot air balloon burners boast a robust construction that prioritises simplicity and durability. We deliberately avoid shrouds or covers that are prone to breakage. This design philosophy ensures longevity, eliminating vulnerabilities that might compromise the burner's functionality.

Continuous Product Development and Unwavering Support

Innovation is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. The StratusNeo burner is not comprised of a static design but is a dynamic entity that undergoes continuous refinement. Our dedicated team of engineers and designers work tirelessly to incorporate feedback from our customers and dealers, ensuring that our burners remain at the forefront of safety and performance.

Equally paramount is our unwavering commitment to customer support. With a proven track record in assisting balloonists globally, our support network ensures that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly.

Features and Benefits

- Bespoke frames to suit many types of basket.

- Adjustable height frames (single & double).

- Aluminium alloy/polished stainless steel cans.

- Toggle/rotary style whisper valves.

- Hi-flow rego/tema fuel couplings.

- Duplicated piezo igniter, pilot lights, and whisper/blast valve components (single).

- Lubrication access ports.