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Cameron Balloons' new Danish representative

Cameron Balloons is delighted to announce the appointment of our NEW Cameron Balloons’ Representative for Denmark, Mr Christoffer Mundt.

by Hannah Cameron

Cameron Balloons' new Danish representative

Christoffer, his wife Lena and their two grown-up children are based in the westerly part of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and have been involved in ballooning since 1986; competing at both a local and national level.

Christoffer is well known, particularly in sport and competition ballooning and he will be taking over from our very good friend and colleague – also superb competition pilot, Henning Sorensen, who himself will be very gradually retiring after being a Dealer for Cameron Balloons for over 30 years.

Cameron Family

Christoffer explained that he was honoured to become a more active part of the Cameron Family, that he was also very keen to further advance his competing in lighter-than-air competitions as well as introducing more Cameron Balloons built hot-air balloons to Denmark and continue to serve and support existing balloonists in Scandinavia.

Christoffer won and was awarded the title of Denmark’s national hot-air balloon Champion 2017 and previously has won Denmark’s national Championships on 5 other occasions. He has also been highly placed in recent European and Luxembourg trophy competitions. Christoffer has over 1000 flying hours in a big range of Cameron Balloons built balloons (77 to 425).

Christoffer has, for over 17years, flown advertising balloons built by Cameron Balloons for DONG Energy and now those balloons are used for school activity and education sessions. 

Christoffer has extensive knowledge of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and is excited and thrilled to now be working alongside all of us Cameron Balloons - furthering the help and service he can offer his clients. Christoffer is the Chief Inspector for the Danish Camo and has also been so, for the last 8 years. This experience is especially useful as Christoffer can offer maintenance work in his Category ‘F’ Repair Station.

Christoffer explains “I even recently built my own mobile repair station, which means I can bring my repair workshop to my customers. In fact, due to my new Camo workshop and F repair station (which actually is the only F repair station in Scandinavia which also includes commercial balloon maintenance), I have helped get lots of balloons back flying, even in the last few months.”

Christoffer is also the delegate for the Féderation Aéronautique Internationale the Comité International d'Aérostation (CIA) where he represents competition ballooning interests for all balloonists in Denmark. 

Nick Purvis, Sales Director adds, “We are delighted to welcome you to the Cameron Balloons team, we are very encouraged not only with how much you have achieved but also for your ambition for ballooning, particularly with work for new crew many of which are bound to go on to become pilots.”

Christoffer’s usual day-job is teaching, he is passionate about training young people to develop their numeracy skills and their confidence often by building scale-model balloons. “I use ballooning to teach youngsters (aged 13- 17) every Wednesday evening at the local school.

My aim is to give them a different view of why learning is important, fun and interesting through the challenge of mini-balloon building incorporating; Maths, Physics, numeracy, reading, measuring-skills… growing important life-skills such as communication, teamwork and of course enjoying the new experience of flying models too.”
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