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Congratulations to Hug Cloud

Cameron Balloons is proud to support the entrepreneurs at Hug Cloud Flying Media with their exciting new hot-air balloon operation.

by Hannah Cameron

Congratulations to Hug Cloud

This well run and carefully thought out passenger-rides business allows local people of the Sun Moon National Park area and tourists to this popular site to have an opportunity to gently float most usually each day, over the beautifully scenic mountain and lakeside area.

The two Cameron Balloons built balloons were shipped out late last year and then to assist with set up and paperwork, Craig Moore, Technical Director at Cameron Balloons travelled to Taiwan to provide technical and certification support to Hug Cloud Flying Media and the Taiwanese Civil Aviation Authorities, which enabled approval and permission work to progress much more smoothly assisting to get the balloons into service with all the legal requirements in place.

After months of hard work, Eric has managed to import and certify his new Cameron manufactured balloons in Taiwan, which is an amazing achievement. The Hug Cloud Flying Media Team has worked so hard planning, training and tethering their balloons and are already working on further operations. Cameron Balloons are delighted to be part of the support network for this exciting business.

So to Eric, Kevin Jo, Paul, Benson, Shawn, Kevin, Mr Ye and the whole Hug Cloud Flying Media Team – huge congratulations from all of us at Cameron Balloons in Bristol and we look forward to seeing many more photographs from Hug Cloud Flying Media in the future.

Craig would also like to say a personal thank you to Eric and Ian for making his visit to Taiwan such a wonderful experience! so on behalf of Craig, Thank You!