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Poland win the Gordon Bennett in the Cameron Balloons GB1000

Congratulations to Team Poland who won the world's most arduous long distance Gas Balloon Race - The Gordon Bennett 2018.

by Hannah Cameron

Poland win the Gordon Bennett in the Cameron...

This gas balloon event is "the oldest and most prestigious aviation competition in the world". The 2018, 62nd Gordon Bennett Race and has been won by Mateusz Rekas & Jacek Bogdanski from Poland flying the Cameron Balloons GB1000 Gas Balloon - Massive congratulations from all of us at Cameron Balloons in Bristol.

We won!!!!!

It was not easy. It was cold, very high fatigue, very little sleep.... Last night the balloon at 4500m covered with frost and ice but GB1000 did not disappoint and confirmed its excellent properties. 

We flew 58 hours 25 minutes...

"We flew 58 hours 25 minutes and we collected a lot of experience from this flight. Our victory is not only a successful strategy but also confidence in the equipment .... In the past Poland has won the Gordon Bennett Cup five times. Last time 35 years ago. This year we managed to win again. The part of this victory was the balloon we trust. Thank you for your congratulations."
Jacek and Mateusz
Winners of Gordon Bennett 2018" in the Cameron Balloons GB1000 gas balloon.

"They did it!!! Congrats POL-2 and GB1000 ;-). Endurance and the right tactics were key. The team was (also) very organised."
Claude Sauber - Directeur, associé

"We at Cameron Balloons congratulate you (Jacek) and Mateusz on your magnificent flight in the 62nd Gordon Bennett Race, what a great result. Your strategy was absolutely spot on, we are delighted our balloon was able to help make the tactics work for you and your team. Congratulations once again."
Nick Purvis - Sales Director Cameron Balloons.