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The Cameron Control-Line Knot

This simple, yet often a bit confusing, knot demystified

by Hannah Cameron

The Cameron Control-Line Knot

Further full hot-air balloon control-line information and exact details can be found following the link below - Section 2.4.1 - Control Lines - General, in the Cameron Balloons Maintenance Manual.

All control lines must be replaced with line identical to the original.

The overall length of the control lines must not be reduced. In case of doubt, contact Cameron Balloons Ltd.

All control lines are installed using the 'Cameron' knot. When two lines are to be joined, the interlocking loops at the end of each line should be made using the 'Cameron' knot. 

The free ends of polyester line should be cut with a hot knife or heat sealed with a flame.

The ends of Kevlar-cored lines should be finished off by pulling the outer covering back by 20 or 30mm, cutting off the protruding Kelvar core and heat sealing the outer cover over the end. 

The free ends of Kevlar line should be taped or knotted and covered in heat-shrinkable tubing (heat-shrink) to prevent fraying.