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The New Cameron O-31

Total weight of the 12 gore envelope in a lightweight bag is 30.5kg – designed to meet with most airlines 30-32kg allowance (max) for maximum single item of hold / checked luggage.

by Hannah Cameron

The New Cameron O-31

Flying wires, scoop, rip line and crown line can all be easily removed to lower the sipping weight down to a naked 27kg from transportation on airlines. The flying wires, scoop, rip line and crown line might have to go hand luggage though!!!

High tenacity lightweight rip stop nylon incorporating PU coating (<40gsm).

70cm high envelope Nomex to offer adequate flame protection but to minimise weight.

Continuous lightweight load tapes with fully sewn turn back terminations and lightweight horizontal tapes fitted (we have not compromised on safety!).

2 or 3mm diameter flying wires (customer choice) attached with Rapide links. Detachable wires are also easier to repair in the field – no sewing required!

Lightweight rip line system. Lower section can be easily replaced if damaged minimizing repair costs.

Lightweight crown line can be easily detached for storage purposes.

Mouth size increased to aid pilot during inflation and take-off.

Parachute and envelope parachute aperture reduced to optimise seal and also to create a nicely weighted but responsive vent action and good final deflation action.

Millennium bottom end fitted with larger orientation or swivel ring and has 90 degree turn fuel shut off valve to aid rapid fuel isolation. The seat harness has also been refined to improve comfort, under seat stowage added and larger mirrors fitted to aid fuel management.

Configuration used at One Man Meet - O-31 envelope = 30.5kg + Millennium bottom end = 18kg + 60l Titanium fuel cylinder = 42kg full with a 100kg pilot on board would still have enough spare lift to fly to 3000ft on a 25 C summer’s day afternoon!

Projected endurance based on your flight at the One Man Meet = 2 – 2.5 hours (configuration as above)

Following your valid comments regarding price, we have reviewed this and we are now much more competitive (price on enquiry to our sales team).