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Koen Audenaert


Koen has been representing Cameron Balloons in Belgium for over 25 years.  He is a regular visitor to the factory in Bristol, keeping up to date with new products, and tracking the orders for his customers.  A very active pilot himself, he operates all kinds of balloons, from the smallest lightweight hoppers to the more complicated and challenging rides and special shape balloons, as well as hot-air airships.  He has logged over 4500hrs as a pilot since 1989, flying in almost every European country, in addition to many Asian and African regions too.  Koen has been running his maintenance and repair facility in Belgium for more than 25 years. That business has a +1000m³ industrial facility, equipped with all the tools needed to work on their customers’ equipment in the most professional way.  His company services approximately 130 balloons every year, and he is a Part-66 licensed engineer himself.  As an instructor, he has trained almost 100 new pilots, and he is an EASA certified examiner up to group D.  He is a true member of ‘Team Cameron’, representing the brand in the best way possible. 

Koen has been happily together with his wife Karen for many years, and they have a young daughter called Lente.  They also keep donkeys as pets in their garden.

Koen is consistent, professional and prolific and we are enthused by, and grateful for, his contributions to our team.


Palingstraat 87

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