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Cameron Balloons Brazil

Rafael Cirimbelli da Luz


Iflyballon is made up of professionals who are truly passionate about what they do.

It started in 2006 when the advertiser Rafael da Luz decided to change his operations a little by entering the Ballooning and Events market, offering his clients the best way to captivate their customers. Since then, he has specialized in advertising and balloon events. Establishing several very successful campaigns in the Brazilian market.

From 2014, Rafael began his career as a commercial pilot and also started working in Tourism.
Today, around 10 thousand people have had the experience of flying under his command, in several countries around the world, such as: Tanzania, Taiwan, Catalonia, Portugal, Atacama and of course Brazil.

In 2020 he began working as a flight instructor, and today many Brazilian pilots fly freely under his teachings. In this way, Rafael sought more knowledge by carrying out training in different companies, to expand his knowledge and also be able to teach his students more effectively.

In 2023, he completed the Inspection and Maintenance course at Cameron Balloons in Bristol and started working as a dealer for the company.


Rua Gov. Jorge Lacerda

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