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Wilco Air

Monique Hoogeslag-Willems


Working for Cameron Balloons Ltd. and being a pilot since 1989, Monique Hoogeslag was honored to become a Cameron Dealer for The Netherlands with her own company in 1994. Since the start of Wilco Air BV, thousands of flights have been made and over 160 new balloons sold.

Wilco Air is a solid, small team with experienced employees since the start. They are an EASA approved CAO to support the maintenance and repairs of Cameron Balloons, and have a huge stock of Cameron spare parts. Wilco Air does have in house instructors and an examiner. Wilco Air is situated in the eastern part of The Netherlands, near the German border, and has its own workplace with among others sewing machines and special tools for proof pressure testing of cylinders. 


Walstraat 13
7631 ET

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