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Special Shape Balloons

Special Shape Balloons

Special Shape Balloons

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Experience counts when it comes to designing and producing the most dramatic Special-Shape balloon. Having manufactured nearly 1,000 to date,

Hot-air balloon aerial marketing is a creative, memorable and flexible way of building brand and product awareness, while offering substantial advertising value. Buying a special-shape guarantees high impact promotion and advertising, making you stand out from “the noise”.

With nearly ONE THOUSAND unusually shaped hot-air balloons to our name, Cameron Balloons Ltd are regarded as the world’s leader in special-shape balloons. Whether your idea is based on a character, icon, an inanimate object or living subject, you can be assured of an accurate representation with precise artwork techniques all built to the very best engineering standards available.

How they work

Step 1

Our friendly sales team and expert designers start with a precise illustration. Working closely with clients, our expert craftsmen then create ‘blueprints’ for the precise representation to help visualise the product in balloon fabric.

Our aeronautical engineers use the visualisation to build up the 3D computer model. These fabric engineers then calculate the precise dimensions and quantity of fabric needed to manufacture the showstopping special-shape hot-air balloon.

Step 2

Hundreds of fabric panels are precision cut and the latest ink-jet techniques ensure a prefect representation of artwork, photographs and logos.

Step 3

A large metal load-ring and structural load tapes are designed and built in, providing overall strength to these incredible aircraft, alongside the other vital elements such as deflation systems, control lines and ropes.

Step 4

Fabric panels are delivered to a team of highly skilled machinists who can often sew up to 8 KILOMETRES of stitching to manufacture a single hot-air balloon. Those thousands of metres of Cameron stitching ensure the vast sheets of ripstop nylon, Hyperlast and Nomex are joined precisely together to build-up the complex design into the shape that will be recognised world-wide.

Step 5

Throughout construction balloons are built to the most exacting aerospace standards undergoing precise and careful quality control. Each balloon has more than 200 reportable checks - an extreme process that helps to build our reputation as the best in the business


The size, complexity and majesty of these colourful aerostats is jaw-dropping! These extraordinary fabric creations memorably catch attention. Complex designs and shapes are no match for the unrivalled experience of our in-house aeronautical and mechanical engineers, whose skills ensure an exact reproduction of your original idea in fabric. Working with the latest software both types of expert engineer work together with dedicated project managers and industrial machinists to produce the world’s most incredible lighter-than-air aircraft.

Technical details

  • All aircraft are fully UK CAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved
  • Latest ink-jet printing to provide ultra-realistic representation.
  • Fabric structures are Nomex base with nylon (Polyurethane-coated) and/or Hyperlast (Silicone-coated on both sides)
  • Choice of 26 standard colours + new shiny silver & gold. Call for special requirements
  • Variety of deflation systems available - RDS (Rapid Deflation System), ParaPlus, Rip Panel or Standard Parachute.
  • Comprehensive range of Baskets & Burners available
  • Accessories include inflation Fans, instruments, tethering equipment available

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