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Canada Only Flight Manual Addenda

HABFM i10-8.140 to 8.149A-Type Balloons 1.45 MBVariousVA
HABFM i10-8.138 to 8.139C-Type Balloons 385.88 KB25 October 2021VA
HABFM i10-8.128 to 8.137N-Type Balloons 1.69 MBVariousVA
HABFM i10-8.155 to 8.164O-Type Balloons 1.56 MBVariousVA
HABFM i10-8.150 to 8.154V-Type Balloons 733.23 KB26 October 20213
HABFM i10-8.101 to 8.110Z-Type Balloons: Z-31 to Z-133 2.17 MBVariousVA
HABFM i10-8.111 to 8.119Z-Type Balloons Z-140 to Z-275 850.69 KBVariousVA
HABFM i10-8.120 to 8.127Z-Type Balloons: Z-315 to Z-750 511.96 KBVarious3