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Service Instruction

SI01-0Envelope, Fitting of "Pulley-Swivel" to control lines 77.32 KBJune 2007Current
SI02-0Envelope, Conversion of RDS Ripline Gearing (2:1 to 3:1) 101.77 KBJanuary 2008Current
SI03-0Not issuedN/AN/A
SI04-ALaunch Restraint 932.15 KBAugust 2013Current
SI05-AA-530LW Rigging 256.03 KB02 October 2013Current
SI06-AConcept Envelopes, Addition of Spider Tapes 488.98 KB02 October 2013Current
SI09-ASI09-Kavanagh bottom ends with Cameron envelopes 683.28 KB26th Jan 2017Current
SI11-ABurner Pressure Gauge Replacement 2.63 MBFebruary 2017Current
SI15-CBasket Restraint Anchor Installation 952.44 KBSeptember 2019Current
SI18-AImproved Parts for Lindstrand Jetstream Pilot Valve and Regulator Units 201.95 KBNovember 2019Current
SI19-AStratus Burner - Replacement of Crossflow Seal Plug 254.72 KBJune 2020Current
SI20-ASirocco Burner - Whisper Valve Shutter Wear 265.65 KBSeptember 2020Current
SI21-BBasket / Burner Frame Assembly Check 230.93 KBDecember 2020Current
SI22Not issuedN/AN/A
SI23-BInstallation of Basket Ancillary Equipment and Storage 610.29 KBDecember 2022Current
SI24-AManufacturers Markings on Fuel Cylinders 337.25 KBDecember 2020Current
SI25-ACB671 Quick Shut-off (QSO) Valve – Seal Replacement 164.78 KBApril 2021Current
SI26-AInappropriate use of commercial detergents 212.14 KB11 August 2021Current
SI28-BInstallation of CB437 Flanged Adaptor 195.46 KBOctober 2021Current
SI30-BInstallation of Transponder Equipment 164.9 KBJune 2023Current
SI31-ANeo Burner Coil Replacement 439.93 KBDecember 2022Current
SI32-AAlternative materials for basket top trim 244.76 KBMarch 2023Current
SI34-ABurner Frame Part Numbers - Single Burners 349.14 KB20 September 2023Current
SI36-BChange of fuel cylinder Vertical Outlet QSO valve assembly to Horizontal outlet. 515.86 KBDecember 2023Current
SI37-BRepair of Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Limited Fuel manifolds 351.44 KBJanuary 2024Current