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Cameron Balloons' new Czech Republic representative

Cameron Balloons is delighted to announce our new Czech Republic / Eastern European Cameron Balloons’ Representative Michael Suchý a name very well known in ballooning circles.

by Hannah Cameron

Cameron Balloons' new Czech Republic...

Michael has worked in the ballooning world for many years; competing at national and world-record level. He has also been active, training instructors, new balloon pilots, flying advertising and hot-air balloons for aerial work and is now working on developing and growing a new rides-business. Michael has extensive knowledge of competitors and is excited and thrilled to now be “working for the best.”

“We at Cameron Balloons are delighted that Michael Suchý has chosen to work with us bringing his experience, adventurous spirit and deep understanding of hot-air ballooning, highlighted in his extensive understanding of the competition and aerial-work client needs. As Sales Director, I am always pleased to bring new talent to enhance our superb Cameron Balloons team. Michael Suchý offers an extra layer of experience, encompassed with great ideas.” Nick Purvis explains further, “We are always open to ideas and suggestions and we now look forward to soon ‘bringing to life’ exciting new balloons and helping to increase the ways that more people can get involved or started with our wonderful lighter-than-air sport.”

More about Michael

“Ballooning has been as huge part of my life for the past 35 years. I am a qualified a balloon examiner and instructor. Now, I can also proudly say there are less countries in the world where I have not flown in a balloon than those where I actually have! For me, ballooning is not just work, it is one of my main missions in life. I am also happy to say I have been crowned 6-times national balloon champion and all that time I’ve been a member of the Czech National Team competing at international standard and lastly, until 2015, I worked as sales manager at the Czech balloon manufacturer.”

New Cameron Dealer in Czech Republic

Michael Suchý explains “I am happy to announce with great pleasure, that in January this year, I took over the dealership on behalf of Cameron Balloons Ltd. British manufacturer of hot-air and gas balloons, blimps, inflatable billboards and textile products.
I have unwavering ambition to help and assist balloon pilots and operators in my region to get a deep-understanding and awareness of Cameron Balloons, the world's most respected brand. This brand which others try to follow. I believe in this brand completely, the people who stand behind it, and their products. When I first visited Bristol based, Cameron Balloons in 1989 I saw their mission statement, it’s something that has always stuck in my mind… I work with the Cameron Balloons 'mantra' in my thoughts: "The Customer is always King," and "Excellence is our LOWEST standard". I intend to follow these great service, superb quality principles and look forward to working alongside Cameron Balloons as we serve our clients and customers together.”

If you are based in the Czech Republic or Eastern Europe and are looking for:
Balloon Services (new or pre-loved equipment, service, repairs and aftersales)
Balloon Adventures (passenger balloon-rides, set-up and support)
Balloon Advertising (public relations work, corporate and aerial flights and balloons tethers)
Balloon Academy (Examiner and student pilot training)
Balloon Events and Competition (expedition, festivals and championships).
Contact: Skydea s.r.o. Prague, Czech Republic.
Skydea’s website:

Nick Purvis, Cameron Balloons explains further “We are also extremely pleased to remain in good contact and have been grateful for all the help and support over the years from pilot Jan Smrčka of Stifter Balloons, who flies in and around Prague, Czech Republic’s capital. Jan has always been a great support and a pleasure to work alongside. He will continue his work with balloon annual maintenance as well as with his rides-business. Do also look out for Jan in the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Competition - as he has future plans to take part in one of those great long-distance gas balloon races too.”