Fabric Engineering

Fabric Engineering

From imagination to reality…

Cameron Fabric Engineering (CFE) the sister-company of Cameron Balloons Ltd specialises in manufacturing large-scale objects and innovative fabric products from unusual or specialist textiles, technical films, unconventional substrates or more traditionally-woven synthetic fabrics.

‘Our manufacturing capability is vast. We can provide creative solutions from the very beginning of a product life-cycle, developing ideas, prototyping and advancing early product design, all the way through the process of manufacture, to final completion or installation.’ Nick Purvis, Director

Extraordinary fabric range...

The fabric choice option, is optimised for the object’s needs such as; whether it is an internal or external project that has to withstand the elements, the required frequency of use, whether the item requires any additional specific ratings such as fire-resistance, it might need to be flexible, or built into a structure, lift a payload, be ground-inflated, be covered in artwork or print, be a specific colour, or have internal or external film-projection surfaces.

Some fabrics are also fully recyclable but all fabrics are chosen for their ‘best in class’ qualities; reliability, durability and versatility which often means they are constructed from state of the art, high-tenacity fibre technologies.

Fabric technology is fast-changing; already encompassing everything from smart wearable ‘tech fabric’ which includes sensors to measure and respond to temperature, pressure, torque and motion, to fibres with super-strength ‘powers’ like LCP liquid crystal polymers that can be spun into thin rope-cables, each of which, could support tonnes in weight, while other fabrics release silver ions to inhibit bacteria and a few even measure biometric data to promote health and exercise by giving the ultimate in tailor-made advice so most importantly, part of our remit is to constantly research, develop and test alternative and new fabrics.

We understand and design solutions…

We use successful, proven, core attributes; performance materials, expert manufacturing practices and techniques.

Despite modern technologies, inventive and unsurpassed design systems, all our creative work is underpinned by our highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary team of talented and expert, artisan craftsmen.

Innovative, bespoke, flexible, problem-solving…

CFE uses a variety of techniques to bring the most interesting and often most challenging ideas into reality.

We manufacture objects and products for all sectors be they; technical applications, art installations, theatre shows, film applications, television shows, sports events, agricultural uses, environmental projects, outdoor festivals and shows, advertising, points-of-sale, marketing and corporate events, and for hospital and military applications.  

Artwork and Printing.

In-house we also have, wide-format printing facilities, with printing possible up to three metres wide, in a continuous length dictated only by the amount of fabric on the roll. We are also able to produce huge or small artworks and banners for advertising, point-of-sale and building wraps.

We can help... with everything from research, development, design, engineering, assembly, manufacture, training, advice, support & installation. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients from ‘sketchbook’ ideas to results working together efficiently and effectively for the ‘long run.’

‘In terms of reliability, quality and performance - we have the specialist expertise to respond to even the most challenging big ideas.’ Craig Moore, Director.

And, we do like a challenge… so, if you need a flying island, a 4-storey robot, a tunnel of artistic sound, an on-stage extravaganza, perhaps a roof of a theatre space, a trapeze balloon, an adult-sized rollable ‘egg’, an enormous cloud with ‘raining’ LEDs, a building, statue or aeroplane reveal, a pet life-jacket, some oil-platform barriers, an artwork sculpture, or thousands of medical patient slide-sheets… We at Cameron Fabric Engineering can help!

‘Projects, design concepts and ideas emerge from all over the globe and we pride ourselves at Cameron’s, in being able to realise some seemingly fantastical requests.’ Hannah Cameron, Director

Cameron Fabric Engineering draws on techniques and quality-control from approved aeronautical build systems that we have excelled in for over 45 years while making passenger-carrying balloons and airships from flexible materials can be applied to anything - on the ground, in the air or even in space.

Our 4,000 square metre production facility is based in the heart of Bristol, just 90 minutes from London, it is easy to get to and has plenty of free onsite parking.

‘When artists or commissioning editors come to us with unusual concepts, we can use our in-house craftsmanship and experience to unite a number of different skills that together, are needed for a single project, assignment, product or scheme. Nick Purvis, Director


Prices of large-scale objects can be from £5,000 ex. VAT & ex-works

Due to the bespoke nature of these projects, we politely ask for a deposit of 50% of the sales agreement price, the balance is payable at point of dispatch. All Cameron Fabric Engineering prices are ex-works and ex-VAT unless specified.

Delivery time

Delivery time can be 4 weeks to 6 months from confirmation of order and receipt of deposit, depending on; complexity of shape, overall size, fabric specification, number of objects and artwork requirements.


Non-disclosure build agreement available on request - although if you prefer, we are just as happy to work in secret (and we often do) by simply shaking hands, in a ‘gentlemen's agreement’ Which brings to mind, the great author, Charles Dickins’ quote ‘‘…a gentleman's word is as good as his bond, sometimes better, as in the present case.’’

You are in good hands

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