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StratusNeo Mini Burner

StratusNeo Mini Burner

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The StratusNEO Burner has been developed to combine the best features of the Stratus and Shadow. With familiar control operation and layout, this next generation burner is an easy-to-use blend of your favourite burners.

The aim is to combine reliability with ease of maintenance, while being compatible with existing burner frames. The approved StratusNEO gives high output across a wide range of fuel pressures. With just five quick access fasteners to undo, the non-handed can and coils are easily removed.

The main burner is fitted with a squeeze action blast valve, coloured red, which are operated by squeezing the control level towards the hand grip. The pilot light valves are operated by rotary action handles, coloured yellow. 

The whisper valves are operated by toggle action handles or optionally by rotary action handles. These controls are blue in colour. 

At a glance

Ease of Maintenance

Blocks are easily removeable from the cans for servicing and maintenance.

Aluminium Cans

Aluminium cans are standard on the Neo Mini Single and Neo Mini Double Burners.

Lubrication Ports

All valves come with accessible lubrication ports.

Whisper Valve Options

All burners come with toggle whisper valves as standard. Rotary action is an available option.


Choose from the following combinations to suit your balloon:

  Approx. Weight 
(inc. Karabiners)
Min. Envelope Size Max. Envelope Size
CB-4115 - Mini Single Neo 15kg* 17,000ft3 (481m3) 90,000ft3 (2,549m3)
CB-4116 - Mini Double Neo 18kg* 17,000ft3 (481m3) 140,000ft3 (3,964m3)

* The component weights given are approximate and for guidance pruposes only.
** Price for 4 pole frame. 8 pole frame has additional cost.
Add 3kg for adjustable height frame.
Add 7kg if metal heat shields are fitted.


All options include

  • Rotary whisper valve handle 
  • RegO or Tema valve connectors
  • Flexible corner sockets on frames
  • Bespoke frames to suit many types of baskets from other manufacturers. 
  • Bespoke hose length
  • Launch restraint frame lugs

What people are saying…

Customer promise

Built on experience and engineering expertise, the Cameron Balloons range of burners are the most comprehensive of all. Quiet power, reliability and ease of maintenance are combined to give rapid heating, quick response and relaxed cruising.

Approved to the highest standards, all burners are suitable for even the harshest environments. With more than 5,000 burner units in service, Cameron burners are the choice for professional operators or sports pilots.

Whichever your choice, the superior design guarantees simple, reliable and fast servicing and maintenance even in the harshest of environments.

These burners are incorporated into the stainless-steel tubular frames, manufactured to the highest aerospace standard and are all EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved.

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