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Service Letter

SL01Emptying of Burner Fuel Hoses 556.48 KBFeb 2017Current
SL03Notification of Rotax Alert Service Bulletin 466.51 KB23 March 2017Current
SL04Venting of Fuel Coupling Self-Seals 392.61 KB16 October 2017Current
SL05Use of the Cameron Hot-Air Balloon Flight Manual with Lindstrand and Sky Envelopes 205.18 KB15 March 2018Current
SL06Download:Balloon Operations and Refuelling: Inappropriate Use of Tools 245.75 KB11 April 2018Current
SL07Identification of Propane Hoses 2.77 MB03 December 2018Current
SL08Download:Pre & After Flight Checklist for Turkish Public Transport Operators 828.22 KB12 Sept 2019Current
SL09Notification of EASA AD 2019-0245 Schroeder Fire Balloons FB6 & FB7 burners 190.24 KB02 Oct 2019Current
SL10Revision of Service Bulletin compliance catagories 163 KB17 January 2020Current
SL11 Iss 2Enhanced Cleaning Procedures (COVID-19) Background Information 292.98 KB10 August 2020Current
SL12-ARotax ending production of the 582 404.42 KB11 August 2021Current
SL13-BSpare Parts for the Magnum C3T burner 257.13 KB17 April 2023Current
SL14-AUse of Bio LPG 242.57 KB14 February 2023Current
SL15-AFuel cylinder contents gauge floats 428.78 KB06 March 2023Current
SL18-AIntroduction of new part design for Rego 7141M Coupling for Manifolds, Part Number CH-7141-002 397.72 KB11 December 2023Current
SL19-AWithdrawal of Parts Support for Vertical Outlet Quick Shut-Off Valve Assembly 461.62 KB13 December 2023Current